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Secret Church


Secret Church is a one night event started by David Platt and the Church at BrookHills in Birmingham, Alabama.  After several trips overseas Platt saw the need for reproducible discipleship material for the local church in America.  However, this material is not just for the American church.  These truths are universal.  The overall goal of SC is to better equip and train believers all over the world.  All of the material has been designed to be discipleship material and is to be shared for this purpose.

Secret Church Sessions:

Old Testament Survey – SC 1 – In Secret Church 1 David Platt examines a rather large portion of the Bible that many Christians find confusing and even intimidating—the Old Testament. This study looks at the Old Testament in its literary, historical, and theological dimensions, and it offers a survey of all 39 books. As we’ll see, there’s more here than a collection of good moral principles and examples. The God-inspired words of the Old Testament point us to Christ, to His church, and to God’s plan for all nations.

New Testament Survey – SC 2 – In Secret Church 2 David Platt offers a tour of the entire New Testament, including an overview of each of the 27 books. The literary, historical, and theological dimensions of the New Testament will be examined in this survey. We’ll see how the New Testament fulfills what was anticipated in the Old Testament, shining a spotlight on the King, Jesus Christ, and the gospel of His kingdom.

How To Study The Bible – SC 3 – In Secret Church 3 David Platt provides a condensed training course in how to study the Bible. We’ll consider why this one book is so critical to our faith, and we’ll get answers to questions like, Why do we study the Bible? Who can study the Bible? How do we study the Bible? To answer this last question, a dependable approach to studying the Bible is explained and then applied to the different genres—letters, Gospels, parables, narratives, etc.—of Scripture.

Who Is God? – SC 4 – In Secret Church 4 David Platt looks to Scripture to answer a question that is relevant for every person on the planet—Who is God? We’ll examine what Scripture says about the names of God, the attributes of God, and the mysteries of God (such as the Trinity, God’s sovereign will, and the problem of evil). Nothing is more important than knowing and glorifying the God who has created us and made us His own through Jesus Christ.

Exploring the Holy Spirit – SC 5 – In Secret Church 5 David Platt explores Scripture’s teaching on the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. After looking at the mystery behind the Spirit’s identity, as well as the way the Spirit has been viewed historically by the church, this study focuses on the person and work of the Spirit. Finally, a number of significant issues related to the Spirit are addressed: blasphemy against the Spirit, baptism in the Spirit, filling with the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit (i.e., prophecy, tongues, healing).

The Cross of Christ – SC 6 – In Secret Church 6 David Platt examines the cross of Christ from a number of different angles. We’ll consider the reality of the cross (Scripture’s teaching on the circumstances surrounding Christ’s crucifixion), the history of the cross (the ways in which the cross has been understood throughout church history), the meaning of the cross, the journey to the cross (during Christ’s final hours), the intent of the cross, and the effects of the cross. We’ll see why our salvation and all of history is determined by the death of Christ over two thousand years ago.

Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare – SC 7 – In Secret Church 7 David Platt examines Scripture’s teaching on angels, demons, and spiritual warfare. These topics often bring up a number of controversial questions: What about deliverance ministry? Can a Christian be demon-possessed? Should we try to bind demons? To answer these and other questions, this study points us back to God’s Word so that we might rightly understand the supernatural aspects of the world God created and live accordingly.

The Gospel, Possessions and Prosperity – SC 8 – In Secret Church 8 David Platt explores Scripture’s teaching on possessions in relation to God’s people in the Old Testament, in relation to the teaching of Jesus, and in relation to God’s people in the New Testament. We will then apply what we learn to the practical issues of submitting, committing, working, living, giving, tithing, helping, saving, borrowing, and investing. This study closes by addressing the errors of the prosperity gospel, and then urging Christians to use their prosperity for the glory of Christ and His persecuted church.

The Body of Christ – SC 9 – In Secret Church 9 David Platt looks at Scripture’s teaching on the body of Christ, the church. This study will answer four foundational questions: Who is the church? What does the church do? How is the church led? Where is the church going? Although many Christians today have minimized or ignored the church, we’ll see why the church is central as we seek to glorify God and carry out the Great Commission.

Crucifixion, Salvation and the Glory of God – SC 10 – In Secret Church 10 David Platt begins by presenting Scripture’s teaching on the crucifixion, including how the Father, Son, and Spirit are involved in Christ’s death and its effects. Then we consider various aspects of God’s salvation: man’s depravity, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, union with Christ, sanctification, preservation and perseverance, and resurrection. In the end, we’ll see how every aspect of our salvation is made possible by God’s grace and aimed at his glory.

Family, Marriage, Sex and the Gospel – SC 11 – In Secret Church 11 David Platt addresses a host of contested issues related to family, marriage, and sex, all based on the foundational truths of the gospel. We’ll consider God’s design for sexuality, marriage, parenting, orphan care, singleness, and widow care. This study will also look at the way man has distorted God’s good design, which means that issues like divorce, homosexuality, abortion, polygamy, and pornography are covered. Finally, a few specific applications are made in relation to sexual distinction in the church, sexual sin in the church, and sexual satisfaction in marriage.

The Cross and Suffering – SC 12 – In Secret Church 12 David Platt deals with the ever-present reality of suffering from the standpoint of the cross. This study offers a biblical theology of suffering, covering 75 key texts from Genesis to Revelation. The problem of evil and the reality of pain are faced head-on. Whether it’s a doctor’s diagnosis, persecution from the government, or a personal struggle with loneliness and depression, followers of Christ can rely on the sovereignty and goodness of God. The hope of the gospel sustains us through every form of suffering.

Heaven, Hell and the End of the World – SC 13 – In Secret Church 13 David Platt looks at the sobering realities of death, judgment, and hell, as well as the believer’s ultimate hope of heaven. What happens after we die? When will Christ return? What kind of body will we have at the resurrection? Is hell a literal reality? What will heaven be like? What is the millennium? These are the kinds of questions covered in this study, but not so that we can simply satisfy our curiosity: the goal is to persevere in hope and to realize the urgency and gravity of the mission that God has given to His people.

The Cross and Everyday Life – SC 14 – In Secret Church 14 David Platt applies the truth of the gospel to every area of life, from spiritual disciplines to taking care of your body to relationships with family and neighbors. Even areas like working, playing, and social media are considered based on the counsel of God’s Word. We’ll see that all of life should be affected by the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Christ, Culture and a Call to Action – SC 15 – In Secret Church 15 David Platt addresses the critical social issues of our day from the standpoint of the gospel. The issues of abortion, orphan and widow care, poverty, slavery, sexuality, ethnicity and immigration, liberty and persecution, and—the greatest injustice of all—the fact that there are still people groups who have little or no access to the gospel, are addressed based on the authority of God’s Word. Rather than compromise, followers of Christ must hold fast to the teaching of Scripture and engage these issues with conviction, compassion, and courage.

A Global Gospel in a World of Religions – SC 16 – A multiplicity of religions exists in the world, all claiming to hold the truth (or at least some truth) about who we are, how we got here, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. Billions of people believe in Christianity, while others embrace Islam. Some are Hindu and others are Buddhist. Amidst it all, many are atheist, or at the very least agnostic.

So how are we to think and what are we to do in this massive marketplace of religious ideas?

  • Is there one right way to believe or are there many right ways to believe?
  • Is there one right way to live or are there many right ways to live?
  • Specifically, how does the gospel of Christ compare and contrast with other world religions?
  • And if we believe this gospel, then how should we share it specifically with people of other faiths?
  • For that matter, why would we share it specifically with people of other faiths?

During this Secret Church, we explore the claims of Christ in the gospel and consider how these claims inform the way we understand religions in the world and impact the way we live when surrounded by varied believers with diverse belief systems.

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