Over the past 5 years I have searched for the best, most efficient way to get things done.  I have searched the internet, watched youtube video’s, you name it…I’ve tried it.  I’ve tried GTD or Getting things Done which is a great system.  The “brain dump” alone was revolutionary for me.  However, there always seemed to be a lag between my goals and BIG things I wanted to accomplish each year verses the onslaught of everyday activities.

     This past week I came across Charles Gilkey’s Productivity Flourishing.  The thing I love the most is the free worksheets they provide.  The worksheets provide a great framework for Monthly, Weekly and Daily activities.  The worksheets work seamlessly to help you accomplish your goals.  One productivity hack I did was to download the sheets and use them on my iPad Pro.  This, for me, has proven to be fantastic!  I look forward to accomplishing my goals for 2019 with Productivity Flourishing’s help.