A small circle of usefulness is not to be despised.  A light that doesn’t shine beautifully around the family table at home is not fit to take a long way off to do a great service somewhere else.

J. Hudson Taylor.

     Some men are afraid of being too religious. What we need to-day is men who believe down deep in their soul what they profess. The world is tired and sick of sham. Let your whole heart be given up to God’s service. Aim high. God wants us all to be his ambassadors. It is a position higher than that of any monarch on earth to be a herald of the cross; but you must be filled with the Holy Ghost.  A great many people are afraid to be filled with the Spirit of God— afraid of being called fanatics. You are not good for anything until the world considers you a fanatic. Fox said that every Quaker ought to shake the country ten miles around. What does the Scripture say? “One shall chase a thousand, and two shall put ten thousand to flight.” It takes about a thousand to chase one now. It takes about a thousand Christians to make one decent one now.

     Why?  Because they are afraid of being too religious.  What does this world want to-day? Men— men that are out and out for God, and not half-hearted in their allegiance and service.

D. L. Moody.

     What a cowardly religion it is to be afraid to oppose the foe until Christ has vanquished him, and then rush over his corpse and kick it and get all we can from what Jesus has done, but never think of him who gained the victory at the cost of his life.

H. W. Webb-Peploe.

(photo by Dennis Kummer)