The psalmist tells us that ” the fool hath said in his heart, No God, no God.” It was a fool who said it, and even a fool had to say it in his heart, for even a fool’s head knew better than that.  Atheism, of whatever kind, is a freezing void, an arctic breath, a lifeless life, an atmosphere in which no wing can soar, no heart can beat, and no soul rejoice. Atheism can transform a rare day in June into a raw day in January.

R. S. MacArthur.

       A good theological definition of the nature and effects of the labors and mission of an atheist or infidel is, “The devil’s whetstone to sharpen dull preachers on.”

I. D. Driver.

     Honest doubt is simply the absence of conviction, and its remedy is evidence; dishonest doubt comes from moral alienation, and its only remedy is repentance and submission to truth. You can no more cure dishonest doubt by evidence than you can cure cataract on the eye by an operation on the ears. We should respect honest doubt which comes from insufficient evidence; for we are not sponges to be put a-soak in a tub of doctrine, and take up whatever happens to be in the tub. But an honest doubter will leave no stone unturned in order that he may find out the truth.

Arthur T. Pierson.

     The most mischievous infidelity is not that which men read out of books, but that which they read out of professedly Christian lives. When church-members show that Christ is able to cast out the devil of self, they will furnish the evidence which the skeptic demands.

Josiah Strong.

(photo by Erik Odiin)